Big Game Animals

Options for Big Game Hunters

High Cache Alaskan Outfitters in Koliganek, Alaska strives to provide the best Alaskan hunting experience. To do this, we offer fully equipped cabins and big game hunts led by a veteran Alaskan guide, ensuring a higher success rate for every trip.


Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

Brown bear hunts take place in a remote state-owned land in Southwest Alaska called Game Management Unit 17. The bear hunting season starts on August 20 until May 31.

We offer guided brown bear trophy hunting in the Spring, from May 10 to May 31. The next hunting season is in Fall, from August 20 to August 30. Please be reminded that we follow a two-bear limit policy for non-Alaskan residents.

What to Expect

Since the area has the largest concentration of salmon in the world, we will have plenty of opportunities to find brown bears along the river or up in the hills. They usually stand at around 8 to 10 feet tall.

Our brown bear hunting trip will cover the wilderness in the hills on foot and the rivers and back creeks using jet boats.


  • Brown Bear Hunts — $20,000
  • Trophy Fee for 2nd Bear — $5,000

Hunting Location

Game Management Unit 17 is near the Nushagak and Mulchatna rivers, two of the most important fishery habitats in the region. It is filled with scattered spruce trees on open tundra flats and rolling hills, making it a perfect place for glassing brown bears.

All species of salmon, char, trout, dollies, and graylings fill the two bodies of water nearby, attracting brown bears looking for an easy meal. The area is also a great salmon fishing spot during Fall.

Alaska Moose Hunting

Moose hunting season in Alaska is scheduled on September 5 to 15 for non-residents. Cow calls, bull grunts, and brush thrashing are utilized to attract bulls to our hunting area. We also use jet boats to access swampy marshes, ridgetops, and back channels.

What to Expect

The Hunting Trip Experience

The group is expected to wake up at around 5 to 5:30 AM for breakfast and coffee. After our meal, we will head out to call moose at first light. We'll go to all our calling spots. It could take up to three days of moose calling before a bull responds.

We’ll head back to camp at noon for lunch. After eating, the group can either go fishing or rest. Supper will be served at around 4:30 PM so we can leave camp by 5:30 PM to hit our moose-calling spots in the dark.

The Catch

The antlers of bulls within this area have an average size of 60 inches. However, we have been seeing bull antlers reach up to 70 inches in the last few years.


  • Moose Hunts — $30,000

Alaska Wolf Hunting

Hunting season for wolves begins in late February and ends around March, depending on the winter season and the amount of snowfall.

Since the weather conditions can vary and temperature may get down to -10°C, we only take two hunters at a time. Our hunting trips also last around six to seven days only.

What to Expect

Wolf Tracking

After breakfast, we will pack our lunch and go out on snow machines. We can ride anywhere from 70-130 miles in a day to look for wolf tracks. Once we get back, we'll eat dinner, relax, and make a game plan for the next day.

Once we find fresh wolf tracks, we will begin to follow them. One of the guides will track the wolf through the thick trees while you and another guide skirt around the tree line on snow machines waiting for the animal to get flushed out.

Big Game Hunting

While on the snow machines, we will have one of you get into a stationary position to shoot the wolf.

Important Information for Hunters

  • You are allowed to hunt 10 wolves per day without the need for wolf tags.
  • You can trophy hunt a wolverine for an additional fee.
  • You must purchase a locking tag to take home your wolverine hunting trophy.


  • Alaska Wolf Hunts — $10,000 Per Person
  • Wolverine Trophy Hunting — Additional $1000 Plus a $350 Locking Tag Fee

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